Me on Vacation

From either humortrain.com or failblog.org (I forget)

Ugh, the sad truth. It's spring break and I have to drag myself to go outside. But so far, it has not been a total waste.  I went to a Trader Joe's for the first time and splurged on their chocolate almonds.  It's the small victories that count.

The big victory is that I survived near death by challenging my inexperienced Angeleno legs to bike San Francisco's hilly streets, much to the annoyance of the motorists behind me.  Never mind the hills, the ridiculous wind speed alone almost toppled me into the car's path.  I'm exaggerating, but those winds do travel really fast.  

So, chocolate almonds and conqueror of Market Street, SF. Pretty good start to my first spring break away from home.

Farmer's Market at Market/7th St

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